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4. Services.

4.1 Childcare.

The obligatory "Local Childcare Consultation" has never been organized by the current majority. Hence, there was never a coordination or policy for the care of sick children, day care, holiday care, child care ... despite the many government initiatives and grants for this that the current majority do not take advantage of . RESPECT wants to redress this.

4.2 Service for seniors, disabled, disadvantaged, ...

Each municipality is obliged to have a Local Social Plan, to be established on the basis of a thorough dialogue with all stakeholders in this field, both private and public. The current majority limited itself to propose a "minimum plan". For RESPECT a LSP is an indispensable tool for a good social policy, and some feel we should be more ambitious. Ambition should not be a dirty word, and the higher the goals, the higher the achievements.

RESPECT believes in the support of self-care through eg, home help, home care, home adaptations, support from a strong social fabric and greater personal mobility.

REPECT wants access to all amenities and services for a social mix of the population, opposing the creation of ghettoes, promoting social innovation and solidarity between generations and cultures.

The retirement home Groene Linde no longer meets the standards and from this autumn will be partially rebuilt and replaced by a new building.

RESPECT wants the fees to remain affordable and to transform the old building of Groene Linde, if possible, into a subsidized housing or a day-care centre.

Rode has a well-functioning "social house", Magnolia, and a dynamic policy for seniors: home care, service flats, service centre, retirement home ... RESPECT wants to expand this on the basis of a senior needs assessment that is conducted and financed by the VUB University and the Province, and in which, many municipalities participated in. After much insistence by the current opposition, the current majority of Rode finally decided to join in, but only after the elections!? This is another example of an opportunity that the current majority for unknown reasons did not want to exploit.

Wist je dat de meerderheid niet wou meewerken aan de gratis screening borstkanker en dat de Mammobiel niet welkom was op het dorpsplein? Heeft taal hier iets mee te maken? Dankzij de provincie en vzw de Rand die de voorhof van GC de Boesdaalhoeve ter beschikking stelt, kan dit gelukkig doorgaan.

Did you know that the majority did not even want to participate in the free breast-cancer screening and that the Mammobiel was not welcome in the town square? Does language have anything to do with such matters? Thanks to the province and the association Rand as well as the courtyard that the GC Boesdaalhoeve makes available, this can fortunately continue.

4.3 Housing.

Almost every town has a "housing office" where people can go for information about construction, alteration, premiums, rent subsidies, social housing, cheap loans, spatial structure ... but not in Rode. And why do they not set up a collective purchasing system for energy?

Our neighbours Linkebeek and Drogenbos have started a "social letting office". Did you know that Rode refused to join this initiative, which is subsidized by the province? It is an ideal instrument to avoid empty houses and dilapidation.

Rode has only 1/5 of the average of social housing in Flanders. RESPECT will ensure that the project for the Red Nova site complies with the legal requirement for social housing. We will also negotiate with the Flemish Housing Association so that it invests in Rode.

There is also a need for emergency shelter. Recently, one was opened (the former ironing shop on the campus of the retirement home).

Residential homes must have the opportunity to respond to new residential formulas, adapted to the aging population such as kangaroo housing.

RESPECT wants an affordable, high quality, differentiated housing policy respecting the different housing needs (seniors, singles, disabled ...) with an eye for safety, traffic situation, and social cohesion and attuned to the daily needs of local residents.

The rural character of Rode must be respected. So, no high rises and no attack on the green space!

4.4 Education

REPECT wants quality education for every child with special focus on the complete development process such as multilingualism, creativity, health, physical movement, skills ... For such "complementary" aspects of education, the municipality can provide additional support to all schools in its territory, eg subsidising busses, extra-mural activities, language development ..etc.

Did you know that the current majority subsidises extra language teachers for the French-speaking school but not for the Dutch-speaking school? RESPECT wants extra teachers for all schools because every child deserves extra attention for learning languages.

Did you know that when the French-speaking parents of children in the Dutch-speaking school asked for extra Dutch language courses to get into this school, this was refused by the current majority, even though the GLTT was willing to offer this for free? Also in the GC Boesdaalhoeve you can find many welcoming initiatives around language, culture, integration. RESPECT supports these laudable initiatives.

In consultation with all organizations that offer language initiatives, we will explore ways and means to optimise multilingualism. If this requires that additional staff should be appointed, then this should be done for all schools in Rode.

4.5 Youth Policy

The current majority has no youth policy. There is no youth counselor, no municipal infrastructure or funding for youth. Young people organize themselves in the non-profit Youth Group Rode (Jeugdwerkgroep Rode) and take care of their own, asking for subsidies, whenever they are entitled to. RESPECT wants to recognize Rode Youth Group as a full municipal advisory body and to run a proper youth policy.

Youth is the future of our community, and so they must be given every chance. Sufficient meeting places and nice playgrounds areas are urgently needed.

We need to fully support the Youth Associations.

4.6 Culture - Sports - Tourism

Did you know that the current majority actually banned, instead of promoting, a number of initiatives to promote sport in the community? The "infants learn to ride" initiative was forbidden from accessing the municipal support infrastructure! The same for "initiation to lesser known sports". "De Gordel", a Flemish cycling classic since 32 years, it is no longer allowed to have a meeting point in Rode!

Did you know that the cultural centre Wauterbos, of which the annual maintenance and repair costs are very high, is barely used?

RESPECT wants it to become a genuine "community centre" with additional incentives for initiatives that bring the different communities closer together.

RESPECT will investigate whether the gym can be extended or whether a cooperation agreement can be finalised with the schools in order to allow access to their sports facilities to clubs from Rode.

Sports clubs play an important role, and therefore deserve support.

Jewel in the Flemish periphery: Our community is situated on the edge of the Forest of Soignes and has many beautiful nature spots that are often unknown. With a nicely built walking and cycling network, we want our town to be attractive for everyone who lives here and we want to invite people to come and discover our green community.

RESPECT wants to promote the Soignes Forest, the Waterloos field, the lakes of the Seven Springs valley for soft recreation, to promote well-maintained and signposted cycling and hiking trails and for, sports fans, a real mountain bike trail.