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6. Village centers and local economy.

Dynamic village centres are the engine of a vibrant local community.

Rode has many centres: the town square, De Hoek, Ten Broek, Ter Kluizen, het Koningsplein,… Several of these nuclei need redevelopment, without which the local economy will find it difficult to survive. The town centre has for years been plagued by flooding.

RESPECT wants beautiful dynamic town centres which are easily accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. In order to achieve this, RESPECT shall consult with all stakeholders and external experts to create a complete concept from which everyone will benefit.

One line of thought: the reinvigoration of the centre through beautiful and safe pathways with benches at strategic places to rest and to chat. Throughout the pathway, dwelling and service flats should be connected to the shops and cafes in the town. The sports centre, cultural centre, the library, the planned green novarode-site should also be found on this path.

Village centres should be pleasant and inviting for people to linger.