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5. Rode, a green European town.

Our municipality is located in Flanders, bordering Brussels, "The European Capital", and Wallonia. The Flemish periphery is becoming more international. Our commune has more than 80 different nationalities. This location is creating many opportunities for our residents concerning employment, education, cultural activities, but it also poses problems which go far beyond the responsibilities and capabilities of our local authority. Congestion, public transport, cycling, environment, forestry and water management, affordability of building land and houses, large influx of foreigners in education, alienation and need for integration ... are challenges that a municipality such as Rode cannot handle alone.

Strong cooperation, not only inter-municipal, but also with higher levels of government such as the province of Flemish Brabant and the European institutions is desirable. Cross-regional solutions need to be found in full respect of the autonomy of the different institutions.

It is important that the European institutions are also invited. Europe encourages and subsidizes interregional cooperation with the aim to know each other better, learn from each other, care for the environment, for the citizens who are less fortunate, to inject a social and economic stimulus.

RESPECT wants Rode to better defend its own interests (eg viz a viz the NMBS Railways, the STIB, De Lijn buses, road maintenace).