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7. Planning, environment and water management.

The uniqueness of our town - several small town centres with lots of greenery and residential areas without high-rises - we want to maintain this and to develop it further.

Did you know that our municipality is the only one in the region that has not signed the cooperation agreement with the Regional landscape?

Work should be undertaken urgently concerning the RUP's (Regional Implementation Plans) so that there is finally a legal certainty for those who live in zonevreemd area.

Did you know that Rode has no environmental agreement or cooperation agreement with the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy. Even the basic package and, therefore a good basis, and a grant of 34,000 € per year, is missing?

Where sewers need to be replaced it is a legal requirement that wastewater and rain water are disposed of separately. Many municipalities provide a subsidy for houses to be connected to this new infrastructure. Not in our town.

In our town there is no environmental council, no environmental policy and therefore no initiative on environment: no information on composting, gardening, recycling, energy conscious life ...

However, we have an active nature associations but they are not heard by the majority.

The container park can be more than just a dumping ground for waste. There is still room for demonstrations on composting and in Rode we have trained composters that can provide a solution to excessive (and expensive) green waste. Did you know that these trained composters have unfortunately not been seen by the Mayor?