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8. Order and cleanliness.

Dirt attracts dirt! Everyone in Rode knows them: the overflowing public waste bins. Or maybe not, because IC-GB want to keep public waste bins to a minimum. They also do not want to provide for example any more playgrounds, by doing so they engage in abandonment ...

There could be much more attention paid to illegal dumping and pollution in general, and these practices to be actually fined.

Footpaths should be better maintained! The municipality must set an example to the people and the with a litter warden to speak to offenders.

Did you know that Sint-Genesius-Rode one of the 3 municipalities in Flemish-Brabant region that does not discuss the offer from Haviland to provide 80,000 free dog fouling bags and pouches?

The station area lies neglected and attracts a lot of vandalism. The dirt around the glass spheres are not really what we want to act as a first impression for rail travellers who alight in Rode. The development of the RER (Regional Express Rail) could be protracted. RESPECT thinks that in anticipation of this, some simple embellishment with flowers, better bicycle parking, CCTV and police patrols can be put to use in the station.