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9. Financial policy.

We live in one of the richest municipalities of the country, with a large financial reserve, but with a low investment grade.

The services and investments are therefore in keeping with this: a village centre and station area in urgent need of refurbishment, the swimming pool that has waited too long for repairs, a cultural centre where the technical system is hopelessly outdated, a shortage of affordable housing ...

Did you know that the majority of people almost never make use the many subsidies made available by provincial, Flemish and European governments?

Some examples of missed grants:

  • The Flemish housing associated was prepared in SGR to build social housing its own expense. Rode is indeed far below the Flemish average. This majority has long been denied. Thanks to our Flemish aldermen, an agreement has now been reached for the construction of a 10-flats complex Lindestraat.
  • For 20 years the site of a Novarode has been an eyesore in the middle of the village. This paper mill is an important industrial and archaeological site, however, the municipality has made no attempt to develop it into a versatile new social destination and make a request for European funds for the renovation. In neighbouring municipalities this has already happened. A purely commercial real estate project is just beginning and we are fumbling in the dark over the number of planned social housing.
  • The Flemish government provides financial incentives for good cultural policy, good environmental policy, ... This majority is never in on it.
  • The province provides funding for bike paths, for the strengthening of trade centres for youth-friendly public spaces, ...