Home News News from the council On the 14th October you get the opportunity to decide on the future of your village

On the 14th October you get the opportunity to decide on the future of your village

Dear Inhabitant of Rode,

On the 14th October you get the opportunity to decide on the future of your village, your own future here, and that of your children.

The election campaign has now been up and running for a few weeks – and what have we learnt from this?

That the list of RESPECT party, is alone in bringing a positive message. We want to solve problems and bring people together, whatever their linguistic origins and cultures. No communal tensions that tend to cause divisions. Sadly enough we are the only ones willing to build bridges!

RESPECT are the only party that communicate with the inhabitants of Rode in 3 - if not 4 languages and this out of respect for each and every inhabitant.

RESPECT is concerned with, and for, this community and everyone living here. No national community politics here. That is for Brussels! RESPECT simply wants to apply the language and ‘language facilities’ laws. The town council is not empowered to change these alws anyway!

There are enough problems in Sint-Genesius-Rode already: mobility problems, vandalism, lack of suitable childcare, flooding, care for the needy and the empty commercial and cultural centres………

RESPECT has had a lot of factually-based criticism of the administration by the opposition in recent years.. We hear such criticism in the streets and during house-to-house canvassing.

However, we have respect for the individual members of the opposition but sadly, the same cannot be said of the opposition who make wild and false accusations!

We know that some comments made have been deemed to be unacceptable, we agree entirely, and have said so publicly.

But do you find it acceptable that some politicians can use such inciting words as “combat……lutter contre…… escroquerie….?   That they make their campagne and propaganda solely in French – and this in Flanders

Do you find it normal that an FDF candidate can count Herman Van Rompuy – the ultimate conciliator – among the extremists?! That Herman Van Rompuy can be honoured and respected worldwide but is refused any recognition whatsoever by the opposition here in Rode?!

Now, more than ever, the list RESPECT will campaign for an open, conciliatory and dynamic Sint-Genesius-Rode. There are so many good people and initiatives just waiting for a town council that finally gets down to doing something for the whole community.


Yours sincerely,


The RESPECT team