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Thank you x 3528

All the RESPECT candidates thank their voters for this "historic" result!
It is a fact that for the past 40 years the Flemish lists in the 'facilities' communities have lost ground at the elections.
RESPECT has been able to 'turn the tide' by making small progress  and keeping a status quo with regard to the different catagories elected: 8 members of the Council (one of which an Alderman) and 4 members for the 'OCMW' (Social Services).

Every vote, which includes yours, has made this possible.

We are commited to working for a good administration for ALL inhabitants of Rode, as indicated in our campaign program.  All this with RESPECT as the essential message.

We were able to count on you, and you will be able to count on us!

Yours RESPECTfully

The RESPECT candidates

Rode residents deserve the truth !

Ratification by Belgium of the Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities.

Even France has not signed this! There is a debate about whether recognized cultural communities within their own country can be defined as minorities. But in any case, in Sint-Genesius-Rode, it is not the Francophones but the Dutch speakers who are increasingly placed in the situation of a minority.

Suppression of the legaly required language facilities?

These facilities may only be amended by a two-thirds majority in the Federal Chambre and by a majority in each language group. This means probably never. Both Flanders and the RESPECT list respect the law, including the language laws and facilities. Sint-Genesius-Rode is in the Flemish Region and offers some language facilities for its residents. This is not a bilingual status, which only the Brussels-Capital Region has. Is it not evident that new residents make an effort to learn the language of the region where they have come to live?

Does one have to have "a link with the area" to be able to buy property?

Flanders is looking for a solution to allow young people in to continue living in their own area. Some areas (69 municipalities all over Flanders) have become too expensive for local youngsters, and this rule is an attempt to find a solution. If it were found not to comply with European or international rules, Flanders would find another solution.

Is social housing reserved for people who speak Dutch?

This does not apply to the municipalities with facilities! But in the rest of Flanders, candidates are asked to prove they "are willing to learn Dutch." Indeed, how can a migrant integrate and find work if he or she is not willing to learn Dutch? In the Netherlands, one must even learn Dutch beforehand! 

Does Flanders want to eventually abolish Francophone schools in the municipalities with facilities?

Flanders has met all its legal obligations and it will continue to respect the laws. This cannot be said of Wallonia, which has always refused to fulfill its obligation to subsidize a Dutch school or schools in the municipalities with language facilities in Wallonia.

Circular Peeters?

This was challenged in the State Council but the circular was not rejected. Again: is it not evident that new residents make an effort to learn the language of the region where they settle?

NVA vs. FDF: nationalism or extremism?

The NVA is a democratic party in Flanders supported by the elections in 2010 by around 30% of voters. The NVA finally seeks confederation with Wallonia, in an open and transparent way. The local NVA has completely accepted the RESPECT programme, which is in 4 languages, out of respect for all residents.

The FDF is considered by a lot of Flemish to be an extremist party. The FDF is virtually non-existant in Wallonia, having been expelled by the MR from their alliance. The FDF stirs up community tensions, and couldn't care less about the real needs of the inhabitants of Rode. It campaigns only in French -- and this in Flanders!



The RESPECT team is proud of its programme and their campaign that still remains factually correct and respectful.
There is more than ever a need for RESPECT in Sint-Genesius-Rode!

On the 14th October you get the opportunity to decide on the future of your village

Dear Inhabitant of Rode,

On the 14th October you get the opportunity to decide on the future of your village, your own future here, and that of your children.

The election campaign has now been up and running for a few weeks – and what have we learnt from this?