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10. Mobility.

Did you know that the majority already has undertaken 2 expensive mobility studies? In May 2009, it carried out a shortcut of the mobility plan of 2003 in order to test its current application. The decision was mobility should be widened and deepened in 4 areas: parking, the station area and categorisation of roads, and speed regulations on the local and supra-local cycle network. The plan anticipates results on in the course of 2009-2010.

Have you heard or seen any of these results? In all probability there will be "great promises" for the next legislative period! This typifies the method of the present majority, "We are working on it.", but nothing happens… RESPECT will move rapidly forward in order to implement the mobility plan!

Did you know that the majority has overseen the reduction of car sharing from 69% (1991) to 50% (2010) for home-to-work and from 45% to 30% for home-to-school trips? Given the gridlock on the Zoniënwoudlaan this does not seems very successful. The green way on that avenue is also confusing, all to often you find yourself struggling from red light to red light, even if you obey the speed limits ...

RESPECT wants STOP principle taken into account, i.e. that priority is given to Steps, Stairs, Public Transport, Cars, all in this in this order.

Where are the slow roads in our town? They are ideal for pedestrians and cyclists to get to their destination safely. RESPECT wishes to identify them and make them accessible in order that more people would make use of them.

This mobility plan envisages the establishment of quality bicycle paths and reliable bicycle facilities. How many kilometres of bicycle paths have been constructed in recent years? Since 2003? Is this the way that a decent bicycle network will be established?

Sidewalks are also a problem. You only have to ask somebody who needs a wheelchair or walker. Even with a stroller you often encounter problems. RESPECT will demand attention be paid when designing pavements and pedestrian crossings.

Footpaths are not car parks! RESPECT demands stronger action against vicarious parking, speed demons and overloaded trucks. The deployment of the police officer would play an important role.

Have you heard of a school accessibility map? RESPECT want to be able to bring our children in the safest way possible from different locations in our community.

"If you took the train you would already be there" ... It is still not clear for SNCB how many more trains on the line after RER (Regional Express Rail) work is completed and to where they will operate. RESPECT believes that the local pressure, together with that from the other municipalities on the line, should be brought on the SNCB to ensure that trains continue to connect Brussels-South & Central and travellers are not be diverted to Brussels-West and then have to take the metro to get near the Manneken Pis. Even still "The train always a little bit travelling" ...

Needless to say that works, especially in such large-scale projects such as the RER, there is a need for a clearer and more effective communication strategy regarding the commencement and duration of the work needed?

The majority has to date never dare decide to introduce one way traffic as foreseen in the mobility plan. Only a few one way streets here and there one-way is not a coherent solution. Other municipalities have ventured, people get used to the one way system after a while and it facilitates traffic flow. RESPECT would like to further develop this.

Finally RESPECT is of the opinion that the mobility plan goes hand in hand with the spatial structure of our municipality. This means that home extensions should be in existing settlements, that the green and open spaces should be kept, that a rational construction of car parks must happen, that Rode is not suitable for the construction of business except along Waterloosesteenweg or road to Halle in order to prevent further isolation of the town centres.

RESPECT will put the mobility plan into operation.