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3. Dialogue - Information - Consultation.

A good Council administration is in constant dialogue with its inhabitants, associations, officials and elected Councillors... in order to identify “the real needs” and define the best policy to follow. All residents must be informed about these decisions taken, the many public services and the funding possibilities of the various authorities.

Did you know that on the website of Sint-Genesius-Rode rarely is there a link to useful websites of other agencies, just because “this does not suit the current majority” ?

Did you know that the brochures of the Flemish authorities on important issues such as breast cancer prevention, subsidies for energy saving, information on dementia, etc are not distributed by the current municipal majority, but dumped in a container?

Did you know that in Rode, there is only one official advisory body: the Municipal Planning Committee. There are no other official advisory and consultative bodies: not for sports, youth or arts, not for senior citizens, environment or shop-keepers; there is not even a local consultation on childcare, although this is required by law. There is no coordination or policy for the care of sick children, day care, holiday care, after school childcare. There is no environmental plan, no cultural plan. Worse still, this majority is not willing to take advantage of various existing initiatives and grants from the Flemish government. Fortunately, there is "Edge" (www.derand.be), which unofficially tries to compensate for this lack of consultation and information, and this in different languages.

If you vote RESPECT into the new majority, we will ensure that there is a plan for child care, that on the municipal website you can click through to websites in various languages, that information brochures are distributed and that the advisory and consultative bodies be set up and function.

All forms must be digitally accessible and downloadable. Even with complaints and ideas, any citizen should be able to access an Ombudsman through the website.

Good planning and information about construction works and road diversions are a must, especially now that the GEN-work (Regional Express Network) work is getting underway.

The organization and opening hours of the municipal services should be more customer-friendly. The infrastructure in the town should promote a customer friendly touch.

Our well-trained officials should be consulted more and respected; efficient policies are prepared and elaborated in municipal committees

RESPECT wants to make it all work. But now we want to listen to you and welcome your ideas with your proposals for good governance. RESPECT stands for dialogue.