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1. A "community of warmth".

In a municipality with up to 80 different nationalities, there is a need for initiatives to help meet each other. There are already some good examples: the Roefeldag for children and the Boomgaard ["Orchard"] service centre where senior citizens can go for a chat, a snack, a course, a trip, advice ... They are demonstrations of a “community with warmth”, but there is so much more that could be done, and this for all residents.

RESPECT wants neighborhood get-togethers, neighborhood parties, fairs, Christmas markets, associations, sporting and cultural initiatives, a welcome for newcomers, integration and language initiation for speakers of other languages, ... encouragement and support. On all areas: a smooth and friendly lending service, financial support, providing barriers to ensure safety, etc ...

RESPECT wants the cultural centre, which is now underused, to become a real community centre; the local library to become a meeting place for different cultures, eg via playful language initiation for pre-school children and their parents, or reading sessions for toddlers and parents. These initiatives already take place, but they are little known and could easily be extended.

Volunteering has a cross fertilising effect, both for society and for the volunteer. RESPECT will encourage this by provinding information about the many opportunities and how to introduce a request for a free insurance from the provincial authorities.

RESPECT wishes to encourage non-Dutch speaking newcomers to participate in Dutch language courses to make living together in a community possible.

In collaboration with the association de Rand ["the Edge"] RESPECT will give each new resident a welcome pack in 4 languages to inform them about community services, clubs, courses and local shops: the more we do locally, the more togetherness, the less traffic ...